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TEATRO DE LA MAESTRANZA Thursday 6 / Friday 7  - April 2017, 20:30 h   RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Concierto para tuba, en Fa menor * HENRY TOMASI: Concierto para trombón y orquesta[...]



TEATRO DE LA MAESTRANZAThursday 20 / Friday 21  - April 2017, 20:30 h GABRIEL PRÓKOFIEV: Beethoven 9 Symphonic remix  * - Estreno en España-LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN: Sinfonía nº[...]

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TEATRO DE LA MAESTRANZA (SALA MANUEL GARCÍA) Sunday 23 – April 2017, 12:00 h LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN: Cuarteto nº 1, en Fa mayor “Rasumovsky”JOHANN BRAHMS: Cuarteto nº 2,[...]

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Presentation by the artistic and musical Director, John Axelrod.

Our goal is to meet the professional needs of the ROSS (Real Orchestra Sinfónica de Sevilla) as well as capture the musical interest of our audiences with an artistic vision of the highest quality. This is expressed through an innovative programme and creative planning which encourage internal development and aid the organisation of activities in order to acquire funds and put on special projects. This 2015-2016 season will display an artistic policy that demonstrates both the quality of the Seville Royal Symphony Orchestra and its relevance in both the city of Seville and the region of Andalusia as a whole.

My message as Artistic and Musical Director is clear: create music in the way that we can and know how to. To have the bravery to present the canons of music and its contemporary voice together is something that is to be respected. Personally, it is with great pride that I am able to oversee the start of a new era in which the ROSS publicly declares this new, independent vision of how it wants to be seen. As such, it is a pleasure to present to you the 2015-2016 season: Sounds of the Mediterranean.

From the shores of Andalusia to the Golf of Antalya, the sounds of the Mediterranean have penetrated our human musical experience. Composers, both those hailing from the Mediterranean basin and those from elsewhere, have fallen in love with the place, expressing through music the indescribable, yet unforgettable, quality of what the Mediterranean means for all of us... More info


The Symphonic Orchestra of Seville warmly welcomes you to its Micro-patronage Programme, a Programme that is mutually beneficial for the Orchestra and, of course, its highly respected patrons. Choose the patron membership package that best suits you and, in return, you will receive a host of benefits related to music, the Orchestra itself and its various parts [...]
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